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:Playful 調皮工作室

2014年創立於台北的 :PLAYFUL Design Studio 調皮工作室,以過往累積十餘年的大型演唱會舞台設計及相關的設計與實務工作經驗,凝聚成一個富有動能的跨世代專業設計團隊。





近年來於國際嶄露頭角,除了作品【赤曜牌樓】被刊登上國際設計網站designboom,各大獎項也屢傳佳績:【八三夭-一事無成的偉大】榮獲K-Dsiegn Award 2020、【曙光祭】榮獲Good Design Award 2020、【蔡健雅-列穆尼亞】榮獲Asia Design Prize 2021、【林宥嘉-idol】和【許茹芸-綻放的綻放的綻放】榮獲iF Design 2021標章…等等。

We are PLAYFUL Design Studio, a DYNAMIC design team specializing in stage design for concerts and performance. In creating vivid scenes and stories on stage, we sincerely invite the audience to an unforgettable experience of sound and vision.

Established since 2014, we have actively worked with artists, directors and design studios from around the world. Our works are mainly seen in China and Taiwan, and we also tour in major cities in America and Europe. While providing professional service of stage design and equipment, we are always happy to see sparkles with other creative workers in every cross-field project. We aim to bring exciting scenes by showcasing installation arts on stage, or simply transforming the stage into any sensible space. Each collaboration is an integrated presentation of different concepts and techniques, and that’s how we advance ourselves in the business.

In past two years, our works have been recognized internationally by iF Design Award, designboom magazine, K-Design Award, Good Design Award, Good Design Award and Asia Design Prize. PLAYFUL Design Studio will continue to bring mind-blowing stages and solid execution for the world. “Work hard for a big fun”, we love the shows just like you do!

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